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  Voice over IP

Voice over IP (VoIP) opens up a whole new array of options to businesses seeking to reduce toll and system costs to communicate with remote offices. When combined with an intelligent phone system, VoIP seamlessly bridges voice communications over an IP network, such as an internal Local Area Network, the Internet or a Wide Area Network. This extends office telephone systems to include remote offices that are connected to their IP network.

Technology Support specializes in VoIP services for clients that look to maximize communication capabilities by utilizing all telephone features, like call transfer, call conferencing, voice mail and interactive voice response (IVR). Plus, it uses the latest in voice-processing protocols and hardware technologies, which results in higher quality voice clarity. VoIP technology will get more value from existing data connections by allowing reduction in the number of data lines currently installed by utilizing the Internet to provide long-distance lines between offices. The simplicity and tremendous cost savings results in increased and improved internal communications.